Sunday, September 25, 2011

Afternoon Snacks & Thoughts

I appreciate the privilege of seeing great parts of the world no matter how hectic my work can get. But the experience also reminds me, among other things, how much more meaningful & enjoyable all this could be if I was sharing it with my family / loved ones.

There's always a trade-off... Many times, I do feel like I'm missing out on important happenings like going to my brother's graduation, being with my dad during his leg operations, etc. 

BUT as much as I want spend my days in one country with them, what good of an example would I be to my younger siblings if I just bum around & don't persevere? How would I be able to show my care for my parents if I keep relying on them to sustain my living? 

I trust that the setting of my life-story at this time should be here... wherever I am. Currently, I'm in this nomadic, semi-prisoner status. But it won't be this way forever... I might as well have fun somehow! And I know that instead of sulking all day, I can choose to be productive... & still build significant relationships. (Boy, am I glad for internet which makes communication easy!)

So, I'm just encouraging anyone who's reading this to celebrate what you have now, & to not inefficiently dwell on what you don't have! Having a continuous negative outlook, and replaying it to yourself (and others) over & over again will only beat you down harder.

I hope you & I will keep noticing the joys & gifts that come in every season! ;)