Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 1 Month, Traveling Eater!

Thanks to all who appreciate this new blog in any way! Among other reasons why I keep squeezing time for it is that it helps my sanity -amidst my current setup working in a highly confidential job that gives me very little freedom for a lot of what I truly want to do. And since I will not let my too-crazy-to-publicize [temporary] situation stop me from loving life (no way), I enjoy what I can at this time! 

I know this blog is not a big deal but I simply want to savor this small detail of my adventure now. Good food really does make me happy & reminds me to always be grateful! Someday I'll have a better camera (& possibly improved strategies other than hiding my phone-cam in my bag when attempting to shoot while eating with my boss / colleagues in Europe).  

Anyway, THANKS AGAIN! You can "Like", if you like! I'll be updating the page soon. Have an awesome week!