Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tonight's Craving: Tuna Sashimi

I'd usually pick tuna that's been sliced and frozen in the grocery on the same day / just a day before. (I always check production & expiry dates. Why pay the same price for something less fresh?) I'm craving for it tonight but since I can't have it yet, & for the time when I'll want to try out buying a whole tuna, I researched & learned these tips:

The FISH should not have a rainbow pattern on its surface.
Eyes: clear & bright
Gills & flesh: pink / red -not brownish
Skin: moist, with shiny scales tightly adhering

- Rinse fish under cold water
- Pat dry with paper towel
- Cover with cling wrap / foil
- Can last up to 1 month, if placed in the freezer; & 2 days in the coldest part of the fridge

My tuna here was smoked & pickled. I prefer it to never be overcooked, as well-done tuna tends to dry out.

This was my last dinner with some friends before flying back to Dubai. I was so happy I got to be with them despite all our indefinite schedules!

We ate at Teriyaki Boy after the Sunday service. My rating on their food is somewhere between satisfactory-very good (in comparison to its fairly affordable price). I've heard a couple of unpleasant reviews about this place but in the many times I've eaten here, I have not experienced anything dreadful. So, I've no reason to scratch it off the Good Category of my restaurant list.

Teriyaki Boy: Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas (PHILIPPINES)