Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For sweeteners, I rarely use white sugar except when baking. As much as I can, I try to avoid it & use brown sugar instead, or HONEY!

Why? Here are some reasons:

Improved Immunity System
- its anti-microbial properties help fight certain bacteria that causes infection & diseases

Better Digestion
- it promotes digestion of the fat stored in our bodies, especially when consumed with warm water

Energy Source
- honey as a natural agent of carbohydrates, boosts performance, strength, & endurance; & may also assist in reducing muscle fatigue

Note: Honey is [still] high in calories, so as usual, MODERATION is key!


Jorel the Great said...

honey :)

joyfulmum said...

interesting as I've been thinking of buying raw honey of late to substitute for sugar. Do you use raw honey? I've heard that it has be raw to be beneficial, am in the process of looking into this....

Arky said...

yea, not the commercialized ones. at least i think the 1 im using isn't filled with preservatives. no brand though;l it was a gift to someone that was passed on to me (haha confusing?) -from someone's farm. it's almost finished. when i find a good brand, ill message u!

(with brown sugar, just in case, i just use any brand that says brown /natural sugar;p)

joyfulmum said...

oh yea coming from a farm it would have to be good lol! yes please let me know when you find out more.

jackbauer said...

wow may research! ftw!

Arky said...

haha... shempre:)