Monday, October 24, 2011

Spinach Risotto (Recipe)

Didn't expect to wake up too early today but my phone kept ringing & I was told to manually setup this advanced weighing scale for my boss (first thing in the morning)... See, I'm a technician now! ;)

Considering how awake I already became, I decided to make a non-lazy breakfast that turned into brunch because of the time I'd spent on it... It's my second try to make risotto. I'm pretty happy about it.


1. On medium heat, coat the bottom of a pot with a few tablespoons of OLIVE OIL.

2. Fry 1 medium sized ONION & around 6 cloves of GARLIC (both finely chopped) until translucent -not brown.

3. Add 1 1/2 cups of ARBORIO / CARNAROLI RICE. Stir with a ladleful of hot chicken stock -a scoop at a time. Too much stock at once will take longer for the rice to absorb.

4. Gradually add more dissolved HOT CHICKEN STOCK (4-5 cups) after the first ladleful addition. Keep stirring for about 15 minutes / so. Doing this will help the starch ooze out of the rice and give the risotto its creamy texture.

5. Add some SPINACH / whatever vegetable you prefer. Cook gently until the risotto tastes done. (Stay with your risotto!)

6. Sprinkle a little PEPPER. Grate some PARMESAN CHEESE on top & enjoy!