Thursday, October 27, 2011

Street Pink Scrambles!

Scrambles! Haven't had a cup of these since grade-school I think... wasn't even aware it still existed [until Grace treated me & Mario for some]. :D

But this was actually from a stall in Megamall instead of a cart lurking around the streets after school where I remember it from. 

Back in those days, by the time I spot a manong (/male vendor) selling them, my allowance would've been long gone from buying lunch. I didn't usually have "extra money" in my pre-teens unlike most of my classmates. But I'm very grateful about that now, & that my parents didn't carelessly give me everything right then & there. In more ways than I can explain, all that helped me to learn (from such a young age) to be happy & make the most out of what I've actually got, and firstly be so appreciative of the many things money can never buy. <3


joyfulmum said...

thanks Arky for this! we're trying to teach Rebekah the same thing so it's good to hear from you how what your parents did has been good:)

Arky said...

i think having a close parent-kid relationship; & being able to talk openly often makes it much easier for kids to understand facts without hearing too many explanation...

i just got it that my parents were [not] skimping because they didnt care for me. their actions showed it enough that they were always trying to give me what i needed within our means.

...i remember wanting a life size dollhouse & just realized we couldnt afford it when i was a kid. but my dad made me my own life size dollhouse out of some washing machine cartons etc. & i had the greatest memories in it! really appreciated the effort & more...

about the allowance: it's given that little girls can go crazy about things they like... i guess among other factors, they were trying to teach how to be responsible somehow & not be the type who constantly & uncontrollably splurges on anything she finds interesting...

(at least that's some part of my thought on it... rebekah's so blessed to have such loving parents!:)

joyfulmum said...

yes that makes sense Arky and lots of wisdom in your comments:) thanks!

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