Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wasabi Love Sashimi with Crunchy Flakes at 10 P.M. 

Date with Mum after accomplishing a long list of errands... I hope I can be as patient as her someday. 

I almost can't fathom how someone can be as calm & persistent in such uncomfortable situations. I'm not even the really impatient type, but when I'm next to her, I feel I am! 

Tweet of that day: What a challenge! Especially for ppl like me who have more PATIENCE for stubborn ppl than long lines. (Finalized my PhilHealth & SSS)


nenette mancao said...

awww... Thanks sweetheart for that wonderful treat we had! Also, i enjoyed that time walking together even though it was quite too loooong for me ... hahaha :))

Arky said...

haha talagang full name? no worries. we will do that again. mwah! (oh, not the long walk, the dinner treat! HAHA)

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