Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthday Breakfast Teaser

These friends really know what restaurant to pick for my special day. I just hopped in the car without a clue, then I realized we were headed to [my kind of place]! Imagine a kid in the backseat holding on to the seat in wide-eyed excitement. That was me, except my eyes couldn't get too wide.

Check Tstef's detailed itinerary! She's so efficient, it's amusing & hilarious at the same time! But honestly, I also make a list each time I go out so I can prioritize what I need to do and not miss out on anything --yet mine's maybe less obvious, & hand-written instead of printed. Well, whatever works best for the person, right?

When I spotted jones the grocer along Sheikh Zayad Road in Al Manara, I immediately said, "that's how I want my house to look like!" I was referring to how minimalistic it appreared, the uncomplicated square & rectangular exterior... But inside, that's where you go, "Oooooh..."

(More photos to come...)

jones the grocer, Al Manara, Dubai
Sheikh Zayad Road (opposite Time Square Centre), Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 346 6886

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