Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carrange Juice (Home Made)

I'm sipping this in the middle of organizing a bunch of things that I'll soon send to Manila. I wish my work won't need me to fly out anytime soon as I've [so] much to finish, & I can only start doing most of it on Friday.

Anyway, I finally got my birthday gift for myself to my parents. Haha. I've been dragging this Osim foot massager for them around my room (& still dragging). It's heavier than me! Well I've filled it with a bunch of stuff. So when they open the box, my clothes etc. will be in between & over the machine. Just want to maximize the space... :))

This juice is made from cold CARROTS & ORANGES. I sprinkled some mint herbs on top & popped it in the fridge for a few minutes. If you want to try & make this, be sure to use really fresh produce as it tastes very different. And blend them finely. The chunky texture didn't go well for this drink when I rushed to do it before. OK, I'll get back to packing... Happy afternoon, everyone!

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