Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mango & Blueberry Ice Cream

Thanks to everyone who has been greeting me for tomorrow. :) This is probably the only birthday when I didn't realize that it was coming all week. But now that I'm reading through your messages, I'm actually feeling that [it is] another year for me! I appreciate your thoughts much...

Just ended a Skype call with my parents... They couldn't agree on what exact time I was born. And it's not like I'm willing to look through my files now to find out. They're funny. Anyway, sharing this ice cream with you virtually. I placed blueberries & mangoes on it.

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Clark said...

you could never get wrong w/ pizza, fried chicken & ICE CREAM! much respect to your Mango & Blue Berry but Double Dutch wins for me everytime.^-^

Happy Birthday Ms.Arky^-^ as Wolfgang Puck always saids "Live, Love & Eat!"^-^ Happy Happy Birthday!^-^

Arky said...

no actually i agree with u, I'd personally take double dutch over this if given the choice. I was improvising with what's in the fridge this day. thanks for the greeting!

Clark said...

i kinda feel the same way when you open the fridge, it's like "uhm...what to do? what to do?" then suddenly you're gonna create something good. It happens to me a lot; never failed to open our refrigator even if i'm not looking for something.^-^

Arky said...

hehe, yea! but that's good. it's fun experimenting with what's already there & also so resources don't go to waste:)

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