Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1: They told me...

They told me to wear a really horrible scary outfit...
So I put on something 'last season'...

Hahaha! I just really wanted to say that. Got it from Vogue, found it hilarious... I'm not a fan of Halloween*. In fact, I'll have an issue with dressing my future kids as evil spirits / ugly ghosts unless it's for theater acting / the like. There's some serious history about festivals honoring the dead which we tend to overlook. 

1 significant note on its* history: The Celts, among others, would wear disguises / masks representing dead souls thinking that wandering spirits would mistake them for one of their own & pass by without harming them.

I’ve been to lots of costume parties that I enjoyed, & have thrown a number myself. Also, I go hysterical about hiding in my mom's bathroom to shock her when my eyeliner gets wildly runny. (She hates that even if she laughs sometimes –sorry, mom! I should stop.) 

But if you mean, joining a gathering that over-glorifies such spirits / wishes to instill frightfulness in my life... then no thanks, I’ve other better things to do. 

In response to Halloween having to do with fear of the dead:
For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.2 Timothy 1:7


P.S. I can imagine my future kids being in costumes repeatedly, especially in the stage when I’m still allowed to make them look like stuffed toys! But I hope to learn how I can help them realize that they [can] choose to / not to celebrate certain events, regardless of friends / media feeling otherwise.


joyfulmum said...

"from last season" very funny:)
yea, we're not into Halloween either for the same reasons, Rebekah has been asking lots of questions and we've been doing lots of explaining lol!

Arky said...

oh my goodness, i almost cant believe she's already in the age when she can reason out. waa:)