Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zebra in Zurich (+ my admiration over Swiss watches)

I've been fascinated with Zebra prints ever since I lived in South Africa (when I was 19). So I swooned at the sight of these bar stools during a hazy stopover in Zurich.

Actually, Switzerland has been on my mind for 3 restless nights. Just because I'm still researching on the reliability & value of high grade Swiss Quartz ETA Movements within my budget. As a non-techy person, comprehending mechanical details require much effort (even if my boss sarcastically said, "you'll be a good engineer someday" after I was expected to fix an unknown computer bug within a minute). Never mind. Long story.

I'm a big fan of Swiss watches. Its craftsmanship, style, history, and quality take my breathe away. If I had a whole lot of money, I'd "invest" on those (talking Patek Philippe level). Well, I don't. Haha. ;p And all the watches that I absolutely adore are at least 4x my current monthly salary. I've a long list of bookmarks & photos of these watch-crushes. But I guess we're not meant for each other right now as I don't see myself not eating right for months / borrowing money for something that's not a "need". 

Plus, personally, it's impractical to wear a, let's say $10,000 watch if you don't even have a paid roof above your head -unless it's from your grandfather, or great, great... With that, I'm reminding myself that I intend to pass on heirloom watches. But I don't have to worry about that yet, I'm not expecting my stomach to blow up anytime too soon. Anyway, still, Swiss watches for the win! :))

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