Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CDO Needs You! (You said you wanted to make a difference...)

 Regardless of how many continents away I am from The Philippines now, my heart goes out to the recent flash flood victims of Cagayan De Oro (CDO) and its bordering towns.

CDO is only part of an island among our thousands of other islands. Nevertheless, it's devastating to go through such a traumatic time as we are still "one people" of one country.

Saying, "things could be much worse", even if it's true, sounds apathetic in some level & I keep hearing it around. Well, for all we know, a person who says that may simply be trying to relieve anyone while being clueless of what else to say. It's hardest to find the perfect words during calamities.

Yes, life moves on, and it has to. We do have to look forward & go on with our day to day routines and not be stuck with [what happened]. But it would take a lot more to do so for some people and they really need our help.

Giving donations, volunteering, praying, etc. will make a great difference! Although it's a sad time for us, no one's stopping us from giving cheerfully & being sensitive to the needs of those who lost their homes and to others, even their loved ones.

I only posted peaceful photos of CDO taken mid this year by my sister (as she accompanied my dad who was recently doing a lot of work there). Someday the place will be back to that beautiful state again & even better.

I also put up photos from the last typhoon I experienced (Ondoy, 2009). It reminds me of how helping others can cause such a huge change. I know of many people who've survived that typhoon and are now living well --I hope that little note somehow reassures that we'll all get through all this! 

Choose however you want to pass your help through (for CDO, Iligan, & other affected neighboring areas). Be sure that you know and trust the organizations, agencies, / group of people you're sending your cash to. 

 I usually give through Victory Christian Fellowship --linked info attached. Just Google and get your act on. If there's a will there's a way!

"When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They're sent to promote, increase and strengthen you."
(Joel Osteen Ministries)

 *Praying for strength, grace...*

Traveling Eater on fb:


Anonymous said...

Iligan was also struck by the flood, why only give focus to CDO?

Arky said...

that's why i mentioned "and its bordering towns" & "neighboring areas". the donation im sending will actually go to cdo & ILIGAN... am personally not updated on the other damages besides the cdo news im getting in dubai. so i'm giving info on what i [personally] know of.

if you're from/have friends from iligan then i'm sure you know your part to do. sorry if me not specifyung iligan offended you. but i didnt even have to make this post at all, i just want to help with hopes that others will too.

so for people who have the heart to help in any way, pls. do:)

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