Monday, December 5, 2011

Grocery Habits

3 Grocery Habits I Have:
(There are more, but we can save those for later.)

1. Check the expriry / use by date: What you bought for the weekend's cookout may be fresh at the time, but until when?

2. Buy sealed bread instead of those from open containers: Although you're a good citizen who uses the thongs provided; many people just reached, touched, & chose from those croissants ahead of you. Including the woman who was scratching her head with broken fake nails.

3. Avoid colors with numbers next to it: I try to find these at the back of the packaging. Such are used for cleaning automobiles & whatnot. There are just ingredients in tasty food that have, what's another word for, poison. We can't see how it's harming us now, but it sure is.

Traveling Eater on fb:

P.S. The photo on the top right is from my friend's Goldilocks advertisement. We were browsing through the magazine it was on during breakfast. And I also uploaded it... because it's so timely. :)


joyfulmum said...

Great grocery shopping tips! I lol at the 'poison' comment:)

Arky said...


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