Monday, December 12, 2011

Pad Thai in Mirdiff (Dubai)

How comforting is the idea that I can choose to eat a variety of food even when I'm stuck in one place, in this case, Dubai! I wasn't even conscious of my Pad Thai craving until we got to the Food Court. Thanks to my friends who followed me here just in time for lunch and actually chose to have Thai food.

Mirdiff City Centre is one of my favorite malls to stroll in. It's "dead" and boring to some people I know. But the uncrowded setup appeals to me so well. Plus, there's enough space for me to brisk walk along an aisle without saying "excuse me".

What a bummer though that it's far from where I currently live. I almost always calculate time... as I run out of it rather quickly within a day. So, I'd usually prefer to head to the nearby Deira City Centre where all the watch salesmen already recognize me even if I haven't bought a single item -yet! Hehe... Anyway, this was a fun & productive afternoon furniture-hunting with my friends.

Some Ingredients That Make a Good Pad Thai:

rice noodles, eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chilli pepper, bean sprouts, shrimp, chicken, tofu, crushed peanuts, coriander, lime, juice (made from: crushed peanuts, garlic chives, pickled turnip, cilantro, lime, spicy chili oil, chili powder, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar), scallions, & other Thai condiments.

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