Monday, December 19, 2011

Afternoon Chatting in Port de Monaco

I've gotten used to it by now... I get called to fly out on a couple hours' notice, or if I'm lucky (though I don't believe in luck) a day's notice. And usually, to destination unknown... until I finally get my ticket, once I'm in the airport. Often times, I never know at all until I'm in the country itself (with quiet men in dark suits).

It was almost the peak of winter when I last went to Monaco. My Estonian colleague & I were afternoon chatting about how cold it was. I mostly brought summer corporate clothes and chucked a few cardigans in case. Obviously, I was freezing!

Estonian colleague: "Why did you bring summer clothes anyway? Duh! Everybody knows it's winter this season!"
Me: "I didn't know I was coming here. And boss told me it's summer..."
Estonian colleague: (pauses) "I'm sorry. If boss says it's summer, IT'S SUMMER."


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