Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Lunch with Mom & Sis

Even a well-planned thousand dollar meal with my boss doesn't beat a random, simple lunch with my mom and sister. Waiting 'til I can finally go home and be with my family... We're countries apart now.

For those who have the chance to be closer to their loved ones, that's priceless... I wish I had that same privilege!;)

Fresh Oysters with Wasabi Cocktail Sauce: Shucker fresh oysters on a half shell served with spicy wasabi cocktail sauce

Oysters with Cheese & Garlic: Baked oysters topped with cheddar cheese & garlic

Traveling Eater on fb:


momsy said...

baked oysters with wasabi.... looooveeeeee it!!!! :p

Arky said...

<3 :)

Anonymous said...

i want to have lunch date agaiiiin sooon!!!! -petunia

Arky said...

we will! maybe early feb, i hope on dad's bday if we can both come home -waaah

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