Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Same Time Last Year

Same time last year, I was given the perfect gift of a trip to Manila & was able to (do one of the things I happen to be fond of doing) surprise my friends! I can't even begin to explain how their reactions crack me up!

It was Lourds' birthday and, with occasional strikes of chaos, we just chilled on the lounges of our small private room space while the rest of the people through the window view danced to some music. 

These are some friends who I wish I could spend more time with now. My current work needs me to live so far from home and lots that are important to me... that when I'm actually in The Philippines, I instantly have extra [extra] appreciation for everything. 

And since time is so limited to get to do all that I want to & meet those that I miss... I have to be content with seeing my family & at least most people I'm close to. Whenever I get to go home, I noticed that I'd naturally just treat each day as if it's my last! I guess, wherever I am, it would be good to do that more often.  

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