Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SG Parcel from Sweetch

I was busy making hot chocolate when my Syrian superior called saying I need to claim my parcel [of fish] from Singapore. I kept asking him to repeat -maybe we were having communication barrier. Eventually, he laughed & said he's kidding! Gosh. That was the first time I saw that side of him & heard him joke in 2 years! You can never really tell everything about a person huh. After hanging up, I actually sat on my bed and wondered for a second, "anong trip nun?"

As much as I'd love to receive fish, I was completely happy finding a hand written card from my friend & a lovely calendar booklet with daily inspirational words... hardbound in zebra & orange (my favorite print & color)! Haha, that sounded so girly.

Thanks a lot, Sweetch! I want to go to Singapore just to see you! If only it's that easy. I do still feel like meeting you is one of the most fulfilling things I've done while being in that school. It has crossed my mind how I could've already started working & saving then but I don't know why I still had to experience being in MC for years. Then when I remember you, I just become so super grateful... & occasionally end up laughing at our countless crazy antics! <3

(HAHA! ...saw an album filled with summer school photos, will link it to you -hilarious! These are the most decent pics!)

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