Saturday, December 31, 2011

(Whooooo) New Year!!!

This is new! I'm spending New Year's Eve completely alone in my place now! It's only 9 PM, Dubai time, but I'm already so overwhelmed with all that has happened in the past hours.

Uploaded these pending photos from October since I'm feeling quite like one of these creatures boxed in an aquarium...

Here I am, on my last (last!) pack of Twix, having my own little event in my room... & actually loving it! The last two calls I got were from friends getting ready to head to Armani Hotel, & friends beating the traffic to Coldplay's concert. Sounds more thrilling than where I'm at now, hey? But well,
to each his own. I passed all that, although knowing it will be a blast. As tonight, this is it for me! 

But it's no pity party in these four corners. I intend on making this eve legendary (whoot)!;p As I said, it's not even 10 PM yet! Got a list of things to do before midnight, including writing my Faith Goals for 2012.  

I'm choosing to do something very chill than what I'm used to. The zealous screaming seems ever present anyway as Skype's still working well. 

For as long as I'm living, whether / not I keep blogging on this, I need to appreciate what I have -anything. I want to keep fulfilling whatever it is I'm occupying this space for! Hello... even these sea creatures are serving their purpose within their boundaries! 

This coming year... I can only guess what will happen! But I'm at peace because I know who I trust, and that He sees the bigger view / picture of where I'm at now. <3

I hope you're even more / as excited too! Happy 2012 To All!!! :D

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