Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Closing Time

We went to at least 3 different places this night... It was sleeping time but we had much catching up to do.

I was just chatting with a new guy friend from Manila who just got back from Munich... And we agreed: Manila life... none compares!

Sometimes, staying in Dubai can be a real yawn. It has nothing to do with the place... I like being here. I'm pertaining to those times when you know you could be doing something that will make you feel much happier than what you're currently doing. Like, labeling my secret boss' shopping accumulations last week rather than attending my friend's Tagaytay wedding. I can't be in 2 countries at once. I must've replayed her wedding video enough to make me think like I was actually there.

Lourds: "pag baba nung guy naka boxers nalang sha wahaha" (When the drunk guy gets off the terrace, he's only in boxers.)

Before each night ends, I just want to know I've had a productive day. Whether that involves doing all my best at work, talking to a troubled friend amidst the tight schedule, etc.

There are always trade-offs wherever you go, whoever you are. If you keep negatively thinking about what you're missing out on, it might hinder you from doing better & appreciating the moment you're in. So even if some close friends who know my work setup think I'm crazy (in a funny way), I can confidently say that whenever I try to enjoy what I can, I find greater purpose in what I do. 

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P.S. This is my brave & beautiful friend, Cynthia. She writes awesome lyrics for some of the biggest artists. Yet she remains so humble, and admirable! Her number is... HAHA! (Miss you, Cynch!)


Jorel the Great said...

ugh borough! HAHA

Arky said...

ayy...sorry about your unfortunate experience with them. pero ang labo nun. i didnt expect that! anyway, there are plenty other restos;)