Sunday, January 1, 2012

Congratulations to An Annoying Person! ;)

1 New Text Message: "(...) you're the first soul to know, mac proposed na & i said YES :)"

I remember wishing my phone was some transporter that could take me to the island they were at then! Where has time gone?

Abby, didn't I just finish P.E. class & meet you by the lockers to talk about other boys, & things [we thought] were major? And now that we're grown ups seeing the world as it really is, we've realized that all those were minute!

History of the "imma take pics" term: Abby was pouring her heart out about some... never mind. I wanted to save time & make the atmosphere less heavy. I brought out my cam and said "imma take pics". So I was doing that [while listening] to her rants, & she has been taking that against me since! Hahaha...

Gotta' love changes... To me, a very monotonous way of living will be a yawn! It's great that people have the chance to change & improve. I mean, I doubt you'll ever see me in heart printed stockings again. I'm so over that one night outfit. Haha..

With the engagement already announced on Facebook, I can now publicly wallow in the moment that you've finally met the man... who you're so confident in, regardless of whatever other factors, that you've come to terms in actually deciding to spend the rest of your life growing with him! That is insane! In a good way. ;)

I've told her once, any man she'll fall in love with -who sees the woman she truly is & understands who she aims to be- will be extremely blessed. Among other traits, she has this kind of sacrificial love that extends beyond what many others can normally bear. The kind that shares freely even when it feels there's no more left to give.

DISCLAIMER: The annoying part is a personal joke! :D I just kid her about being up my sleeves for constantly updating me with her life's gritty details. But in all honestly, I love being her confidant / accountability partner. I may get so bored dealing only with problems of my own. Hehe... Really, it's my privilege having you as we mature in this crazy but awesome world. Congratulations!

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