Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dubai's Thug District

Just a few snapshots taken as we tried to hunt for food in Dubai's thug district... I'm currently living near this area, not exactly at the center but just surrounding it. Regardless of that, honestly, I feel safer out of my current house than inside.

Anyway... I've always noticed this drawing / vandalism (however you see it) of a man playing bass. I said I'd take a photo of it someday. And I did! I was brisk walking, along with a bunch of busy people heading somwehere... Then I stopped to shoot it... Everyone else behind me stopped as well! Then I kept my phone & moved on -so did those people. It was quite amusing.
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Jorel the Great said...

the drawing is a guitar player named Slash. he used to play for Guns and Roses in their heyday and is probably the most iconic guitar player of all time. He was my guitar hero for a looooooong looooooooong time specially during the time when i was learning how to play.

Arky said...

oh wow... i like that info:) thank you!

Jorel the Great said...

one of this signature items is his Les Paul guitar (specifically a 1959 sunburst - custom made) which a lot of guitar players drool over. (including me) and his Marshall JCM 900 / 800 halfstack amplifier.

iconic classic combination! parang tinapay at butter! hahaha

Arky said...

haha... nice:)