Monday, January 16, 2012

Food Court Friday

Bethz ordered a classic whopper from Burger King while I got Indian cuisine from Shamiana. I had this Buy 1 Get 1 coupon from that restaurant and wanted to try... 

The Chole Bhature (curried Garbonzos) was an O.K. choice for that afternoon! Their Buttered Chicken too is delish... And they had this warm Indian Fried Bread that was perfect for balancing out the taste. I was happy!

A week later, I tried their Veggie Platter but it was no good for me... Yes you're eating vegetables, but you're downing oil all the way! Deep frying shouldn't be a lifestyle (except with French Fries).

On Fridays, I'd sometimes take the bus early to attend church service. Sunday in Manila is Friday in Dubai. If I feel I might be late, I hail a cab (costing me 10x more)... which usually becomes the case because Thursday tends to be my sleepless day of the week. 

Mostly I'd be awake for all of Thursday and Friday just so I can go to church... which I don't regret anyway but the restlessness does tire me at times. I try to make up for it on a Sunday, but that's weekend for Manila people and that's when I get to chat with my family, etc. So, Monday then! I would really prefer to attend evening church service once changes in my work schedule become more humane.

P.S. I commend the efficiency of Dubai's bus payment system. The use of prepaid NOL Card makes the ride almost hassle free for both the driver & passengers! 

The prerecorded announcements make me laugh... One time, this guy started playing an annoying rock track from his phone in full volume. The driver just pressed a button & all speakers warned, "Loud music with profanity not permitted". Everyone kept quite after that. :D

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