Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Place (IKEA)

IKEA is my happy place. I rarely leave its grounds without having a new home idea. (I should've taken Interior Design during college... or not.)
I get this semi-giggly feeling sometimes when I make a round in its storehouse, with / without purchases. Other times, I imagine the future -my kids' rooms, a dining table at the backyard, etc.

Me & dad through mom's eyes
A picture of a picture

Plus, it brings back teenage memories in Australia when my whole family would get awesome finds in the As Is* section (*ridiculously discounted furnitures because of a teeny scratch / missing nails). Nowadays, I don't see anything great in that section anymore though.

My parents were in Dubai recently & I couldn't be happier just heading to IKEA with them... We were all so tired and sleepless but I kid you not... they had more energy than I did!   

"Together - we can make the most of what we have."
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