Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choiiiiiii

To whom it may concern... Happy Chinese New Year!

Me & Bethz after church service // Seafood & Spinach Soup
 Tasty Spring Onion Pancakes [etc.]

A special lunch care of my amazing Chinese friend, Stef! In her invitation, she actually called it a "Thanksgiving Lunch". :)

It's always nice hearing about answered prayers & other good things happening in my friends' lives. But it's all the more encouraging when I see how appreciative they are about it.

The Prawns Rolled in Almonds & Mango sauce were delish. 
And I'll be ordering the Germinated Rice & Mixed Grain again!

(Hi fishy!) Steamed Hammour

 Saved the best for last... I loved these! I can't believe I forgot the name of this restaurant. Let me ask my friend & get back to you on that... I'm totally revisiting for rounds of Green Tea, Red Bean, & Black Sesame ice cream!

Traveling Eater on fb:


Stef said...

The name of the restaurant is Sino Chai Teahouse in Dubai Healthcare City. Note for your next visit: They're closed on Mondays.

Arky said...

ah yea... thanks, thanks! :D i'm still fantasizing about the ice cream now ha ha

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