Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reclaiming My Weekend

The past weeks have been c-r-a-z-y... And I've gotten used to reading Arabic news before going to work & watching it before sleeping... Yesterday, my secret boss left for a vacation. Now, saying "I've so much to do (personal errands)" is an understatement. But I'm glad I'm able to start acting upon it, finally... I was flipping channels today & found myself back on BBC anyway. Like it was what interested me most.

Excerpt from a private post: He told me to look for a "MAN IN BAHRAIN". He doesn't know his name. I just had to find & get the scoop about him. He's "popular". That's all my clue! Up to my sleep I was semi-yelling, "man in Bahrain!!! Magpakita kaaa! (Show yourself.)" HAHA. Too much for my brain cells... Another assignment that's less do-able at 3AM while everyone else is asleep & when I'm not allowed to leave his side.

Researching beforehand is a must... Yesterday he said, "Get me Yemen." -without any previous conversation on anything Yemen related, ever! I skimmed through an article about Yemen's president earlier... So I said, "Sir, Ali Abdullah Saleh?" Good thing that was correct! Or there would've been [wrath]. 

Hehe... I'm happy surviving such kind of madness. People who see life too seriously bore me, so I always hope to never become like them.

I'm taking a break from my at-least-13-hour daily work pattern (with no free weekends)! Too tired, can't force myself to get up & make something decent... A kiwi for dinner.
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Anonymous said...

*claclap* kiwi is much better than chocolates! :) -sizzeeey

Arky said...

aw:) i was tempted nga kanina e. there are twix chocs in my bag for david josh... but i didnt open nalang, i buried it & put boxes on top to hide hahaha