Friday, January 6, 2012

Still dream about you

Oh what… they changed its packaging? I'm not even sure if this is the real deal but it seems like some close version of it! The raspberry jam is a thin spread on this product shot, as compared to how I remember it.

Pardon the mush on my title… but I do still dream about these cookies! It's that feeling that you know you had it good, and although you've tried other similar matches none just quite equates to its level of amazing-ness! Never mind that there's no such word…

Literally, I used to carry these around school often & share with whoever was with me… that by the end of the school year, lots of my classmates got hooked as well. (The texture of the shortbread is neither soft / hard, but in between! Ok, I'm going crazy.)

I actually recall my dad telling me to avoid it -I think he noticed how I've lost control! Haha… But on random days, he'd still surprise me with Choca Jams, hidden in the grocery bags that I'm supposed to unpack & organize around our kitchen. I see the red box and… there goes all my effort doing compulsory night runs around the neighborhood for my Sport & Rec. Class!

I got so fat in Australia. Just to say it bluntly… :) I love that place though. My close friends know that I'm considering to go back… and now you do too.

I was in Grade 11/12 when I first and last had these cookies. And when I visit back, forget the Opera House, I'll never leave without having these! (But that's just me... I've already seen the Opera House and as awesome as it is, it's not Choca Jam!) ;p

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