Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vegemite is not chocolate... (Happy OZ Day!)

Happy Australia Day to all my OZ loves & everyone else celebrating it! <3

Two days ago, I was on the phone with my sister who arrived Sydney for a quick work trip. Unexpectedly, she started crying on the phone (with tears of joy). Flashbacks of memories were rushing in her head upon seeing familiar places. Apparently, Australia still feels like home to her. I feel likewise.

NEW KID // My 1st OZ School Camp Years Ago: As everyone else did, I woke up early for breakfast. Quite hung over from the past night's "talent show" where I did some adlib speech for my solo performance -which favorably turned out since my classmates laughed & started being friendly afterwards... It's either that / I was some fragile looking Asian then. Haha... (I was a child!)

Oh, and just when I thought the embarrassing moments were over,,. Before lights-off, I showered while belting out a full song, assuming no one could hear through the cement dividing the male's section. While drying up, I overheard some guy classmates talking normally, "dude can you pass the soap". Waaaah... I did consider freezing in that camp bathroom until everyone else left, but... nah.

Anyway... (Pardon that I got distracted with memories that my unplanned intro got longer than my point. Woman.) All I meant to really say was that... 

I got bread from the counter. Chose a girls-table... Asked if I could sit with... Got Vegemite (which I'd never tried)... Spread it generously on my bread (thinking it was like Nutella chocolate)... And almost puked after a strong bite! Nobody even stopped me! The evils of high school. They were waiting for my reaction! I was comical about it regardless of the disgust. So it ended fun.

Now, I know exactly how I want it! Light butter... few random smears of Vegemite... on toasted brown bread. And a soft outdoor couch. Solved!

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