Sunday, February 26, 2012


Current tweet: 7AM Sleep; 12PM Dentist (+ EDSA Day traffic); 2PM GiftShopping & Errands; 4PM BridalShower; 8PM Dinner; 10PM BBQ / Bonfire; 12 Gig = MY LOOSEST SCHED THIS WEEK

That was an easy schedule in comparison to the past days, no kidding... Not to mention, the venues were in different cities. So, please pardon my almost-no-show in this beloved blog of mine. I'm obviously also struggling to find time for a 3-hour straight rest. 

Nonetheless, I'm so drawn to this season of hibernation (away from work --but I was still given home-work actually)... Trying to fit majority of what I've been meaning to do & almost everyone I've been wanting to see for a year IN LESS THAN A MONTH... What a great challenge.
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