Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Indoor Grilling to the Next Level

 Kids! Please don't try this without proper adult supervision.

Improvising during a high school sleepover (years ago)... Hahaha...

For the meantime, this is the closest I can get to my wanting of a warm waffle with ice cream & peaches on top. Let me get to that when I can make the time for it.

These were taken during a silent treasure hunt (the silent mechanic of the game was the challenging part, hehe). Then, we made another hilariously embarrassing blackmail video. I never questioned until now why we kept recording when it meant having to hide those with full effort. We planned on burning it but haven't had the chance to... That will probably never happen though. We'll just go on with our lives in hopes that nobody else gets a hold of it.

On the same night, we ate some unlimited cookies, crinkles, Nerds, Airheads, buttered popcorn, cheese rings, [etc.] to sleep. Who does that? The high school version of ourselves. Someone please give me back teenage metabolism...

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