Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Landed

Movies I watched on the plane: "The Adventures of Tintin"; "50/50", (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen); & "I don't know how she does it", (Sarah Jessica Parker). Each one was entertaining, but I could most relate to the latter. Maybe now, (& to avoid complications) when people ask what my job is I could just say that I'm a juggler! I also watched "One Day" starring Anne Hathaway --boring, I should've slept instead. What a yawn.

"I'm back in Dubai!" That's both good & bad news to my ears. OK, let's be more optimistic here... I'M HAPPY that I landed safe, especially considering the tumultuous flight (due to the weather)... that I had a productive time in Manila (even if my trip was way too short to complete all my errands & meet everyone I want to be with)... that I can finally sleep more than 3 hours a day! Etc.

By the way, my body broke down towards the end of my semi-vacation. I'm guessing because of constant lack of sleep / staying up & multitasking all the way. Having said that, I shall attempt to rest in the following days & refrain from bringing to bed my list of things to do... or at least for now. "I only have 1 body!" (repeat to self over & over).

P.S. First breakfast: because doctors said that the health benefits of tomatoes, broccoli, & garlic are increased when cooked altogether. 

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