Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strangely to The Exit

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"In a sudden moment during tonight's crazy, consumed dinner with guy & girl friends, my eyes wandered from our table (& strangely to the Exit)... I sat quietly for a few seconds then excused myself (& subtly checked if I saw right). ...then I returned, recovered quickly to feel my joints. When they settled down a bit from another topic, I blankly blurted where I went. (My friend said, "I SHUDDER at the thought.") 

And we concluded... "Grabe, the most interesting, mind blowing, incredible parts of our lives... we refuse to blog about!" 

"And so I go on posting about good cookies & such. (Eating, then pointing up my head) That unreal thought of who I just saw though is still floating above here...""

#relieved #dazed in#awe #shocked #overwhelmed

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