Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Old Young Lives

The other night, I met this funny OZ dude... who reminded me of two of my close guy friends who used to go on regular [epic] visitations from Sydney to Manila just so we can be our daring selves together. I miss those insanely awesome days...

Dancing around the room in costumes just because... Laying on the road... Randomly deciding to hop on a train to nowhere familiar (the scarier the better)... Playing with street kids... Talking Truth with outcast strangers... Dressing up & turning on our matured selves for proper events, then skipping home like kids while belting RHCP... Forcing clothes in shops that just don't fit (90% of the time, we're shopping for them & I'm very entertained simply by hanging around)... Running around at 6AM to look for the weirdest things / cravings... [etc.]

Second breakfast, because the go-carting place was still closed... // Skating around the lot // Shea butter + lotion = happy feet (lol)!

But well, we did say, "one day, we'll grow older, have different priorities... be wrinkly in the mountains having some reunion, looking back to this great life". And we're kind of heading there, *huhu*... But in fact, it makes good sense... to make space... for [much more] adventures to be shared with others. And to keep growing wherever we are... After all, real close friends will never be too far, no matter what.

And we can always still say, we lived the best of our good old young lives. <3

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