Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meaty > Skinny (Male Preference)

Chat history with a guy friend (months ago actually)... From that time, until now that we talked again, his general conclusion still remains, "Meaty = domesticated; Skinny = high maintenance". I don't agree though, "The physical, for me, is a shaky foundation. And what if she's meaty because she's lazy / skinny because she works so hard?" So the debate goes on... I can't help but laugh, mostly because of how sternly he affirms it. 

I'm pretty sure he'd change his mind as quick as lightning if the right girl sparks it. ANYWAY, cooked this in olive oil and let the Mozzarella & Cheddar cheeses melt over it a bit, then had it with green leafy veggies...
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This same friend just called insisting (sounded more like accusing) that if I'll never see him for lunch as I'm so busy, I can only afford to do "meet & greet". GUH. What a terrible thing to say! Quoted: "sobrang special ko if you agree to lunch, then when I get there, there's a long table where you're seated in the middle. And all 'us friends' need to fall in line... in demand eh. pero ok lang I'll still go. Give me the sched of your meet & greet / album signing, I'll be there." I replied, "Anong album? Sige, will bring my baby photo album."

:)) Kakainis, reverse psych... that I want to surprise & prove him wrong... this week!

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