Thursday, September 27, 2012

RAW Adventure, etc. [1] Traiteur French Cuisine

Now and again, I'm fascinated by restaurants that have clearly put much thought & balance in the creation of their menu. Particularly on this evening, that and my fondness over attention to the smallest detail were gratified in this French brasserie.

 Yacht spotting near the park // SIDE DISH / GARNITURE: French fries; Pommes frite

More food photos on the next post: Tried to recall what I could from this dinner --I promised Stef I'd upload in September... I wish I had the proper food specifics, they're all saved in my iTouch, in another country where they haven't called me yet to fly back to. I never imagined such a career that's now on my plate. (Well, I've gotten used to this part of my current adventure... spontaneous schedules, anonymity, endless packing & unpacking... And so, I just embrace it rather than complain. At the very least I've learned to survive in a suitcase.;)

PLAT / MAIN COURSE: Beef tartar, waffle potato; Beef tartare, pommes gaufrettes

The Tuna Tartare with mango gazpacho and crunchy vegetables was exquisite. But having raw fish wasn't too unusual. It was just like spending nights in some 24/7 Japanese joint with nocturnal city friends. 

But... raw meat??? Never in this lifetime did I dream of eating that! I'm not even so much of a meat-person. But I tried this, and I'd do it all over again [in the same place] --am not that keen on looking for this elsewhere. 

Its preparation of finely chopped meat marinated and chilled in selected seasonings & sauces, wine, herb spices... was exceptionally great. Surely, the beef was fresh and high grade, I doubt it would've tasted as amazing otherwise.

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