Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scenic Hike... Gibralfaro Hill (Malaga, Spain)

Walked uphill to get a view and almost passed away! I mean, passed out. ;p // Overlooking Malaga city & port

Should've listened more during history class... I wasn't educated about the great wonders of this high hill where the Castillo de Gibralfaro is situated (which forms part of the Montes de Malaga mountain range) until I spontaneously decided to explore it... 

I had no idea where the scenic hike would lead me... as I went around the wonderful natural park in between broken but solid ramparts. I haven't completely mastered the routes. But I know, I ended up somewhere better than where I started.

And the sudden personal connection of this hike to my journey with God... astounds me all over again.

Me: (Hazily walks towards...) "Please tell me you have ice cream?" // 
Vendor: "Que?" // Me: "Helado? Por favor!" ;.( 
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