Friday, September 28, 2012

When The Time Gets Late... [2] Park Hyatt & DFC

STARTER / ENTREE: Baked snails, parsley garlic butter; Escargots juste (snackés) au beurre d’ail & persil // 
 TRAITEUR CLASSIC / LE CLASSIQUE DE TRAITEUR: Spit roasted French farmed duck, orange sauce; Canard rôti, sauce Bigarade 

Chefs on stage: Traiteur's signature elevated show kitchen // Delicious white scallop dish flavored with truffle oil

We couldn’t handle desserts anymore so the choice was just chilled fruit juice for Stef, then the usual Redbull for me and David. Though, I should've opted for green tea instead. Redbull has this influence on me which I typically want to respond to --to stay up late.
And so I ponder tonight, on how valid my want is for a less bounded industry that gives me... more freedom. It seems easier to presently have that. But then, too much convenience makes me yawn. I need challenges to keep waking me up. Works heaps better than Redbull...

When the time gets late... yet it's still enough for a last full show...

 Dubai Festival City 

I appreciate the subtle lighting, combination of mod and Mediterranean décor, and how this French brasserie has an open marina with a cozy view of the Dubai Creek... Actually, I'm already, completely, solved by the idea of simply being on one of their outdoor benches, with no food / other agenda, just sitting quietly and looking up the sky... In fact, I did that weeks ago.

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