Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cheesy Supper

"Catching up :: Frustratingly, what I remember about this guy friend are all funny / embarrassing moments when he was so not a gentleman, 10 years ago (& now, he's honestly the finer ones I know)... And what he remembers about me are all nice / positive memories -I couldn't recall most as he retold, #haha... :: 

People transition to other versions of themselves along the way... (Whoever I become, eventually, I hope it's someone who learned what she could & shared what she should. One who constantly progresses, no matter what...) 

// #supper #thoughts #over #cheesy #macaroni

*Boil pasta; drain; add some crushed tomatoes & tomato paste, ground cashews, herbs; drown it in cheese... That simple, really. ;p

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