Saturday, October 20, 2012

Better > Ridiculous Senses

Recent Tweet: "Watching Taken 2 with my guy friends. So ideal. They shut up, & don't leave scratch marks on my arms... ( Happy weekend to all :)"

The movie setting was in Turkey. It haunts me. A friend gave me Turkish coffee from his trip last week (I'm excited to try)... He advises to be with a Turkish companion [when visiting] as in most places he went, someone tried to make / take money from him. (e.g. In the grocery, he was charged higher for the same water a local bought.) And since tourists can't usually speak the language, and don't want trouble, they'd rather not argue... 

Well it could just be that particular area.... Regardless, I'd still want to see Turkey... Both its Asian & European territories. The movie didn't show much of the luxurious side. But that's not what I'm thinking about anyway... I'm envisioning downtown, rugged side; where the "people" are, not the tourists.

I was actually called to go to Istanbul around May (hence, my visa; & photos along Turkish Embassy route, Dubai), but I kept refusing it & wishing for a cancelled flight. Because I knew "the work" would beat me up. True enough, I didn't end up going. But I came to my better senses soon after my visa expired... I missed a privilege to somehow immerse in a great culture, possibly meet awesome people, and gain new experiences I can retell for my future kids to also learn from, etc. 

Next time, given that I know I'm capable anyway, I should pray instead... for more strength, fulfilled purpose, graceful adventure...! [What was I even worrying about... those were exactly what I've sought the Lord for in my past work trips, and He ALWAYS delivered all that & much more...] Sometimes I'm ridiculous in that way, allowing timidity over... It really doesn't get anyone that far

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