Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hard Cookie

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"Hard Cookie - Guy friend 👔: "I'm getting rich, so I can have that cellulite lasered off my girl's thighs..." / 💟: "Ok... Are you Heath Ledger?" / 👔: "Huh?" / 💟: "Ang perfect mo e. Diba? Perfect ka?" :)) // 👔: "(...) You're the only girl I can tell these to." / 💟: "Haha... How do you even offer that without her leaving you?" / 👔: "Tss. Easy. (...)" / 💟: "That could work. Well, if I did have cellulite, I wouldn't mind. Laser it off! But, unnecessary..." / 👔: "I might ask... for marriage eventually... For starters I kinda want her in a perfect bod." / 💟: "Perfection is subjective. But I know, yours = delusional. Come on, there are heavier matters than..." / 👔: "Shoot!" / 💟: "Forget the thighs dude. Turn off the light. Oh before we get hitched, let's travel far far away... And see different kinds of perfect... I bet you though, you'll still go back to her. She's great... You're just finding excuses because commitment is scary.""

P.S. On the contrary, these Subway cookies are SOFT. *v* 

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