Sunday, October 28, 2012

Karaoke Jungle

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"🎤 "Welcome to the jungle... We're gonna eat a lot of pizza..." 🎶 #bday #fun (our ears were numb after *v*) @brendansamuelsphoto

Random // Day after
Samuels & Carter (suddenly in my house's sala area): "good morning!"
Me: (half asleep) "huh... what are we doing?"
Samuels: "whatever!"
Me: "...that's nice? no recovery period?"
Carter: "dress up... we're all prepared, awake, ready for some buchis... (dances)
Me: "I'm beat... can we chill?"
Samuels: "bloody -, we travel all the way from Australia &..."
Me: "ok ok!" (gets phone then heads straight to the car) "lend me a shirt when we pass your place" 

HAHA #whostheman

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