Monday, October 8, 2012

Health Hazard (Ack...)

"Air Travel: And the "filthiest restroom award" goes to... Gulf Air! (Disclaimer: It could just be that particular flight, gf155 2/10) Of all our trips in the past years, we both agreed that this was the worst. No soap. Wet tissue all over (in the 3 restrooms I checked)... I can't go on describing. #Gross is an understatement. 

(Possibly more disgusting than most shanties I've been in for volunteer work.) And it was an 8 hr. flight! The crew wasn't even busy. This kind of situation makes me #CRINGE -WHEN people ARE PAID HEAPS & they DON'T DO their #JOB EXCELLENTLY / at least try to... 

// On other news, #Bahrain looked wonderfully peaceful in that moment. // Honestly, I'd settle for mediocre (clean) airplane food, but a restroom like that... #Serious #Health#Hazard" 

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