Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinner & Supper (Rainy MNL)

 Dinner: Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe (E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Pasig City) 

Owl purses for my babes in memory of those restless thesis* nights. Guh. I am so over it. Quite ambitious of us to do all that*... Accomplishment. ;) Determined good students with social life... Great days --except maybe the season when I was living on Cobra. Glad to be alive today... But still catching up on sleep for it after 3 years. Hehehe...

Supper: Old Oven Art Cafe (136 Katipunan Ave Saint Ignatius, Quezon City)

The restaurant is closed on Mondays, but open on all other days from afternoon til late. Call (02) 345-1243 to be sure. I attempted on running here once (it's approx. 3 kilometers from my current home) but remembered I almost got kidnapped along Temple Drive years ago. So, I stayed home instead. Hehe... (Uh. That wasn't a joke.)

Anyway, they have crazy pizzas selling for less than 200PHP! I don't know of many (/ any) places in this area that serve good ones for that price. Made by chefs... not those commercialized frozen deliveries... Try!

Apparently, politicians come here often... I guess, also because it's a place where they're not fussed over. Maybe it's a crowd that's indifferent towards them... Unless they're known to prove themselves awesome in serving our country... only by then should they be worthy of swoon. *snap* Otherwise, "once you're done with your food kindly move on because sometimes the waiting line reaches the stairs... Thanks!" (Yummm.)

Instagram Excerpt: By the way... At exactly 12 AM, Jan's hands turned into this... Whattheheyy??!!! ;)) & birthdayboy took my other number, look where he was saving it... Look, look! #haha I bet he doesn't even remember this --k seriously, #goodnight // P.S. The night revolved around Peter's condition, & a few unwanted flashbacks. :)) I included that old photo where I look like a frog --never fails to make me laugh.

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