Sunday, November 25, 2012

Enveloping Reminder // (thanksgiving season + birthday update)

Lately, I Instagrammed about how I received that “great gift” of REST on my birthday eve… Well, I’m still in the midst of utilizing that present. Hehe… Taking a breather and finding time to ingest much of what I must in this season…

Japanese cuisine with friends… who make it difficult to function due to excessive laughter. :p

Soon, I should take time to share with you some birthday happenings… I haven’t even finished reading all your thoughtful greetings yet. I find myself pausing in an overwhelmed state… Also, I’m still in the process of giving the 28 gifts I’d planned for a few people as part of the celebration. One week is too short to do everything… Plus, thanksgiving was just on the 22nd…

This humbling occasion is an enveloping reminder of how all the more grateful I should be for relationships that help me grow and give significant meaning to this existence. I don’t feel it’s not enough to simply say “thank you” so I’ll probably spend the rest of my life finding ways and being appreciative of you… and all the good I can remember about those I’ve crossed paths with.

Traveling Eater on fb:

“With such an enormous amount of stuff to be learned, there are a million reasons to thank God for being patient with us.”

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