Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jump Shooters! UAE Getaway... (Video + Photos)

Sneak peek! A half minute clip from our videos taken yesterday. 
Basically just us laughing... ;)) Will upload something with more sense later on...

3 adventurous people on a touristy Dubai trip... *v* Oddly (& impressively), Ninay was more acquainted with this part of downtown. I guess, immersing myself in the historical landmarks [near where I live] has been on hold for a while because of the idea that it's "always just around"... I'm currently more useful when it comes to farther desert areas...

Where you can escape the bustle of the crowd... Be still amidst a remote landscape of sloping dunes... Stroll in a maze of lamps to a solitary unknown (given that you're with someone you trust) or wherever the breeze takes you... Settle right across the sunset until the stars appear, the ones that city smoke hides... That's when you put away the camera, because moments like such are best experienced in real time, and photos / videos would not justify.

"Hehe, raming sinabi... You mean like thiiis!" As promised! Pretty sight, isn't it? @Pochoy @Ninay // Bab Al Shams

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