Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Humanly Perfect

More often, I tend to be partial to slightly masculine interior
than extremely feminine... Maybe it's the strength it brings to a room.

Charcoal / wooden kitchens that look like galleries make me want to cook... pesto pasta, in particular. Hmm.

Gender neutral spaces, with personal hints and memorable pieces, seem to be more calming (to me) over strikingly girly ones filled with numerous quantity of items. It's not that my taste when it comes to furniture is not womanly. (Hello) I have tiny French tea sets, caramel cake candles, and (guh, the shame) fake flowers in my room... (Haven't purchased real ones this busy month)... Well, isn't your home / room your haven of some sort? I guess, that's my good excuse to do anything. And by anything I mean, the obsessive rearranging of it --that almost never ends. (Kind of like, life improvement, right?:)

And I'm into random additions of things that shouldn't be there, such as books next to shoes... Also, how a little clutter and mess makes the place look livable, just humanly perfect... (Or "perfect" in human imperfect standards --because nobody is perfect--, or beautiful as one sees it, or subjectively ideal, or... OK fine, my own preference! Haha...)

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