Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Of course I'd come back for you, pumpkin..."

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Borough has been like a default choice lately, when I'm at The Podium. May not be suitable though, when you're avoiding "crowd" --if that's the case, your better option might be Cafe Breton's second floor. Fun dinner, with cheesy surprising (mind-blowing, actually) incidents. And I should stop typing about this now as it's nothing I'd publicly discuss further anyway.

So, people come here for whatever reason. Personally, mostly because of this sentiment I have over the Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli... (Ravioli stuffed with roasted garlic & pumpkin; sauteed in brown butter, with walnuts, cranberries, basil puree...) I love it. It's not even close to being faultless, neither is it the greatest dish ever... and the serving can be quite inconsistent, sometimes they put more cranberries; on occasion, it's not warm enough... But I don't even check the menu anymore as it seems almost pointless to look... I already know what I want. (Uttered
[this post's title] when the server placed it on my table.)  

An upside, it's less than 300 PHP! Downside, they only serve it before 11 PM... The last photo was taken at my place. We all went home early... because we're old. ;) Well we had a bunch of other errands. But tonight was worth taking a break from all those demands, to steadily catch up on a few new happenings over dinner... reminding us how we are well existing, and how we should keep making the most out of that gift!
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