Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chilling at Crizpy's

Our blueberry muffin baking stint was a success. But the ones we dropped Ferrero Rochers in didn't work so right.

Hung out at Paul & Criz's pad last week... where I happen to get this semi buoyant vibe... Their lights weren't even dimmed, it's a pleasantly vibrant place... But there's something relaxing about the setup --they said I wasn't the first to say so. The hints of bright pop-style neons might've balanced it out for me to not fall asleep. :p

 It's fascinating how couples combine their individual [different] tastes to fit well under one roof.

Same day... Criz attempted to make my eyes appear wider (since my eyes are like dots). The smokey & shimmery details aren't obvious in the shots, as these were taken hours later, through the iPhone 4s front cam --which is not great, at all... but the 5 has improved quality! Disclaimer: They used to be full-on Apple supporter-endorsers, & now they've all switched to Samsung! While I remain very loyal... although impressed. (Use whatever fits your lifestyle better.)
I just revisited my Pinterest. Here's a few notes on how I might want to remodel my room... again.

Well, if you came here via Instagram, for Portia... Here's more of her:
This muscular, wrinkled, cutie pie hogging our attention simply by being naturally adorable...

By far, Criz owns the most MAC products I've seen in one household (the photo only shows a corner). I don't even possess 1/4 of the amount in one of her drawers! (Super talented woman she is...)

Earlier this day... We had breakfast at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) in Mall of Emirates. I ordered a salad (sorry, forgot which one), & it was a huge plate serving with generous chicken strips. Good "for sharing"... For less than 40AED, it's a recommendable choice. (Of course I had buttered pancakes as well --nyihiii.)
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This is awesome! Thanks Arky! :)

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