Saturday, December 15, 2012

Later will be too late // & #OOTD

Not too keen on blogging about this today but I want to stick to my word (from a previous post) saying I’d take time to share a bit more about some birthday happenings… And, later will be too late. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The day itself was spent so simply. Just chilled... and chilled a bit more. Moving along covered in my fluffy duvet the entire time... :p

Favorite gift? A valuable message. Words… that I never expected (from that person). Along with it came a tangible present, which was awesome, but even more was what was said… [Whatever happens eventually] it’s what I can always keep and cherish… as if sealing my rather bizarre season in Dubai.

That message connected to several parts of my life, and the woman I hope to become… Sorry, if I choose not to openly write details. Maybe someday, but not soon… Too recent, too private, too special… I know it’s God who enables me to keep calm amidst what I had and have to go through here... despite some involvements that I find blatantly irrational. But my “wish” is to learn how to trust Him deeper… especially as I’m pretty sure what that person said [at the perfect moment in time] is bound to change me.

Traveling Eater on fb:

Extras: Birthday eve Instagram posts: 1, 2 // & Dream #OOTD*

Too many #OOTD tags on my Insta feed... so
I created my own set! (Holiday Inspired *Outfit of The Day)
sequined silk playsuit, under a wool-blend jacket; 
velvet wedge sandals and ponyhair short tote in this holiday's colors; 
& a dream watch, yellow gold pink Stella dial day-date


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